We live in Sani Isla, and our compromise is to be responsible with water, nature and people. We are proud to say that our black water system is the best in the Ecuadorian amazon lodges, our trails has the lowest impact to the surroundings and our profits stays here with our people, in education, healthcare & We know that sometimes you ́ll love to support the community in another way, not only by coming to visit sani lodge, and know that your funds will reach the community directly could be If you want to make a donation to the community to support their projects in education, healthcare and sustainability. The community has an account holt and managed for their leaders and representatives, so you can be sure your donations will reach them directly.
sustainable projects for the community.
of great help.

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You can help Sani Community to be known abroad, promoting them as a natural destination, as they don’t’ have any technological communication in their location for this purpose.
The best advertising we have, are the photographs and experiences you have had at Sani Lodge and its community. Help Us promoting our website and sharing content with us in our social networks.



In addition to the many reasons why people choose Sani, we consider extremely important to mention the fact that several lodges in the Amazon have as an employment policy NO HIRE WOMEN. Also, in the local communities the workplace jobs for women are very limited. However, for Sani Lodge, each local person is part of the community. Sani Lodge has the SANI WARMI project and also the women can work inside the lodge, which benets the indigenous women to be included in the community.