Sani Warmi

Today, the Sani Warmi women now serve as some of the strongest defenders of the rainforest.

Traditionally, in many local communities, jobs and economic freedom for women are limited. While many lodges in the Amazon do not hire women as an employment policy, in our Kichwa community and at Sani Lodge, all members of the community are included. In fact, Sani Lodge proudly partners with the SANI WARMI project, which empowers the women of Sani Isla to run their own business making and selling artisan crafts constructed from local seeds, vines, and fibers. This business provides a sustainable source of income for the women while encouraging the protection of over 42,000 hectares of pristine rainforest from outside intrusions.

The Sani Warmi project was started in 2008 in partnership with the nonprofit Rainforest Partnership, based in the United States, and Conservación y Desarrollo, based in Ecuador. The project was started to combat the increasing pressures the community faced from companies wanting to use our lands for oil prospecting. Sani Warmi combines small business development and environmental education in order to make this project successful in helping to protect over 42,000 hectares of pristine rainforest.

Today, the Sani Warmi women now serve as some of the strongest defenders of the rainforest. The project continues running successfully without any outside funding, and only advising support from Rainforest Partnership. During your visit to Sani Lodge, you will have the opportunity to visit the Sani Warmi House, meet the women artisans, taste the flavor of typical Kichwa food, and see how a traditional Kichwa family lives. By visiting, you are supporting the community, empowering the Kichwa women, contributing to their continued success and becoming part of our family.

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