Welcome to Your Rainforest Home

We are the only ecolodge in Ecuador 100% owned and run by an indigenous community

Be our guests! We are the Kichwa, and we welcome you to our rainforest home. When you stay with us, you become part of our extended community where we will share and teach you about our environment and culture. At Sani Lodge, you are not only choosing an amazing adventure, but also the opportunity to immerse yourself in our Kichwa lifestyle. Come join us and support our indigenous community while simultaneously protecting the rainforest that you will love to call home

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Immerse yourself

Along the Napo River, inside Yasuní National Park, you will find Sani Lodge. Considered the most biodiverse area on the planet, this is the only place you be at home with the indigenous Kichwa as you experience a true Amazonian adventure.

What to do in Sani Lodge?

The perfect opportunity to be in a real rainforest primary


Cultural Experience

With no Make Up, Our Culture experience is amazing and real, we are glad to receive you in our homes, to introduce you to our families, to see our traditions and enjoy a really nice time.


Birdwatching Experience

In a regular trip of 4 days, you will be able to see around 120 species out of the 550 of Sani Bird List, one of the highest lists in the world. We count with Ornithologist native guides.


Family Experience

In the evening the guide will tell stories and legends from the Amazon, the guides will be able to talk with the children to give feedback on what they saw and learned during this beautiful trip.