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Adventure & Soul Cleansing 5 days

A whole new adventure full of amazing experiences for our visitors, with the opportunity to renew their spirit with our Soul Cleansing

The experience starts with a 30-minute flight from Quito to the Coca airport. Upon arrival, the guide takes you on a short bus ride to the Napo River pier. From there, a three-hour motor canoe trip down the largest Ecuadorian tributary of the Amazon.

During the journey, you will first glimpse the Amazonian ecosystem, including ancestral communities, crops, local fruits, Kaypok trees, and giant fig trees, along with islands of different ages and vegetative succession. Various bird species, such as herons, egrets, and vultures, can be spotted while enjoying a packed lunch.

The journey continues with a short walk to Challwacocha Creek, where you will board paddle canoes for a trip through a primary flooded forest of black tea-colored waters teeming with wildlife. Don´t be surprised to see black-mantled tamarin and squirrel monkeys on the way to the lodge. Upon arrival, you will be served a welcome cocktail and snacks, followed by an introductory talk about the lodge and its facilities before settling into your cabin.

The guide will explain the activities for the rest of the day. One option is to walk along the nearby trails or take a canoe ride. During these activities, you will be able to observe primates, endemic birds, black caimans, and the Amazonian flora, including giant Kapok trees, cedar, orchids, bromeliads, and palms. At dinner time, our chef offers various national and international cuisine options that cater to celiacs, vegetarians, and vegans.

The lake is a refuge for the endangered black caiman. After dinner, the naturalist and local guides lead a canoe excursion in search of these large South American alligators, which can measure up to 6 meters (18 feet).


Experience the upper canopy from our 36-meter (118-foot) tower built around a millennial Kapok tree. In the early morning, take a paddle canoe to cross the lake and observe the first signs of wildlife. Hundreds of parrots and macaws fly nearby, searching for their first meal. Meanwhile, the endemic Stinky turkey perches placidly on tree branches as if waiting for the guests’ first-morning photo. In the background, a Donacobious can be heard singing something resembling a car alarm.

Upon reaching the lake’s end, a small channel opens up, allowing navigation through a unique forest of ‘elephant ear and freshwater mangrove.’ This area is the habitat of howler, capuchin, and squirrel monkeys, as well as some species of kingfishers, capped herons, woodcreepers, woodpeckers, and anis. Finally, reach the mainland and continue with a 10-minute walk through a terra firme forest trail leading to the tower.

The canopy is a haven for wildlife viewing. Colorful birds such as macaws, toucans, parrots, honeycreepers, tanagers, and cotingas fly by while monkeys and sloths forage in the treetops. The tower provides a unique perspective, offering a glimpse into the diverse world of the Amazon that is impossible to appreciate from the forest floor.

After returning to the canoe, we will go piranha fishing, one of the symbolic creatures of the Amazon. Following the fishing, we will head back to the lodge for lunch.

During a break from guided activities, you can enjoy the lodge’s facilities, such as wildlife watching from the three-story dock overlooking the forest, having a cold beverage at the bar while enjoying the lagoon view, or simply relaxing in the hammocks with a book.

Take an afternoon nature walk through the primary forest to discover the intrinsic relationships between living creatures and their roles in this complex tropical ecosystem. The flora is rich and includes orchids, lianas, fig trees, valuable species such as cedar and mahogany, and medicinal and useful plants used by locals. You will also see ancient trees adorned with lianas and bromeliads.

After dinner, a different world awakens. It’s time for a night walk to listen to and enjoy the chorus of bats, frogs, and crickets while observing dozens of insect species, tarantulas, tree frogs, and, with a bit of luck, snakes, armadillos, and night monkeys.

In the morning, return to the Napo River to board a motor canoe and visit the Parrot Clay Lick in Yasuní National Park. This is a visible landslide from the river where clay is exposed for parrots and parakeets to digest as part of their nutrition-detoxification process. You can spot five species: Mealy-Amazon, Blue-headed, Yellow-crowned parrots, Dusky-headed, and White-eyed parakeets.

The adventure continues with a walk in the foothills of Yasuní, which scientists consider the most biodiverse area in the world. The flora is spectacular, with centenary trees and traditional medicine, including species that can only be found south of Napo, such as the Golden-mantled tamarin, spider monkeys, and Scarlet Macaws. The hike in this unique ecosystem offers much to be discovered: footprints of jaguars and pumas, encounters with deer, white-lipped peccaries, or white-collared peccaries.

Leave Yasuní Park and head to the Sani Isla Community Center. Here, the women of the Sani Warmi Organization will share the customs and teach the use of medicinal plants of the Amazonian Kichwa culture. This unique experience will help you understand why this way of life is environmentally sustainable. Experience an Amazonian cooking class at midday; follow their instructions to prepare your lunch using local ingredients. Additionally, guests can support the local economy by shopping for handicrafts local women make using natural fibers and forest products. This income allows them to invest in education and boost the local economy. After a full day of adventure, wildlife, and culture, return to the lodge to enjoy the Amazonian sunset from the bar or the dock.


The long-awaited day has arrived after enjoying the flora, fauna, culture, and facilities of Sani Lodge. It´s the right moment to let oneself be carried away by the sacred power of shamanism at Kallary Kawsay or the Ancestral-Life Ceremonial Center.

Once in the center, the shaman explains in detail the meaning of spiritual cleansing in the cosmovision of the Kichwa culture. Kallary Kawsay is a beautiful spot surrounded by gardens with staple crops such as banana, manioc, and tobacco plants, colorful flowers, and fruiting shrubs that provide food for hummingbirds, honeycreepers, and tanagers.

The ceremony starts with the shaman sharing a locally-made cigar and asking the guests to pass it around to imbue the energy that will enable him to read the vibes once it is lit. The shaman will blow the smoke around the body to proceed with diagnosing the energy balance. The guest can enjoy a hand-made cedar bathtub filled with an herbal infusion and healing plants for spiritual cleansing. The use of healing plants is intended to eliminate negative energy. After the ceremony, you will experience a sense of peace and overall well-being.

Lunch will be served on-site, followed by a demonstration on how to make fishing lines, hammocks, and baskets from palm fibers and lianas. In the afternoon, head back to the lodge.


After an early breakfast, it is time to take the last canoe ride through Chawllacocha Creek, accompanied by the Amazonian wildlife and the sunrise. Board the motor canoe in the Napo River to leave behind this magical land and arrive on time for the flight to Quito.

End of services! The operator reserves the right to change the itinerary without previous notice due to weather, regulations or unforeseeable circumstances.

Adventure & Soul Cleansing 5 days


  • One way USD 130
  • Round trip USD 260
  • Includes assistance at the airports

The rate includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Transfer Coca – Lodge – Coca
  • English-speaking guide (Shared)
  • Excursions
  • Full board meals

The rate does not include:

  • Air ticket Quito – Coca – Quito
  • Personal expenses, drinks, tips
  • Services not specified.

Important info

  • Children under 12, get 50% off
  • Prices are subject to change without previous notice
  • Sani Lodge acts only as an intermediary with the airlines, it is not responsible for cancellations, delays made by the airline that might affect our itineraries.

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