Hot water:Solar energy is used to provide heated water to every cabin in the lodge.

Private bathrooms:Each cabin comes with a private bathroom.

Electrical outlets: Each room has 110V outlets, as well as the bar and restaurant. An adaptor may be needed for visitors.

Boots & Ponchos:Rain ponchos and rubber boots are provided for excursions.

Local and Bilingual Staff and Guides:Our amazing staff is always available to assist you whenever needed.

Transportation:To ease stress, transportation from Coca to Sani Lodge and from Sani Lodge back to Coca is provided. Staff will greet you at the Quito airport to assist you to your bus or flight to Coca. Upon arrival at Coca, another staff member will be present to guide you to the Lodge. On the return trip, a staff member will also guide you back to the Quito airport.

Fans & Screened Windows:To protect from mosquitos, the windows are screened and a fan is provided in your room to refresh yourself after a day of activities.

24-hour Security and Emergency First Aid:The lodge is equipped with 2 guards who walk the grounds during the night to ensure the safety of all visitors. Guides carry first aid kits and are trained in providing emergency care, including natural antidotes that can ease any injury that might occur. If needed, an emergency boat will transport visitors to Coca for additional care.

Laundry:Laundry services are provided onsite, at additional cost.

Drinks, Food and Snacks:Three meals a day are provided, along with bottled water and snacks on excursions.

WiFi:To feel completely immersed and at home with the Kichwa in our isolated, dense and beautiful Amazonian Rainforest, we encourage visitors to limit internet use. An internet connection is available for an additional daily rate upon request.