Terms and Conditions

A 30% deposit of the total tour package

A 30% deposit of the total tour package must be done within a maximum of 20 days after the confirmation of the travel date. Final payment must be done 30 days prior tour departure. Reservations made between 30 days and the day of departure requires a total immediate payment. All reservations will have the status of “request” until the reception of the confirmed travel date and deposit, then the status of the reservation will change to “confirmed”.

* If the deposit hasn’t been made, Sani lodge will have the right to use that space if it’s necessary.

Payment can be done with a personal check from a US bank payable to Comunidad Sani Isla, or an international wire transfer. For more details please contact us at info@sanilodge.com info@sanilodge.com

Cancelation Procedure

Inside the general rules, Sani Lodge will reimburse in the following way:

  • 100% 6 months before the tour.
  • 80% 5 months before the tour.
  • 60% 4 months before the tour.
  • 50% 3 months before the tour.
  • 25% 2 months before the tour
  • 0% 1 month or less before the tour.

This policy is effective regardless of the motive of the cancellation. Sani Lodge reimburses 100% of the deposit when natural disasters have occurred at Sani Lodge. Ecuador tax fees (not determined by Sani Lodge) and Sani Lodge rates are subject to change without prior notice.