The New Sani Lodge

The pandemic brought to life one of the most remarkable systems of community work in Amazonian culture: la Minga, which can be defined as free collective work for the common good. It was time to renovate the lodge that had provided work for its members for over twenty years. The families who could not participate directly donated some of their forest resources to restore the paths, the restaurant, and the cabins, ensuring their functionality in terms of safety and comfort.

In late 2022, after settling the debts from ceasing operations, a series of innovations were implemented to enhance the guest experience. The single-level pier was transformed into a three-story, super cozy space. The first floor serves as a boarding and disembarking area and a relaxation spot with hammocks overlooking the lagoon. The second and third floors are designated for wildlife watching in the nearby forest.

The third major step involved renovating five cabins, namely Sachawacra I – II, Amarum, Pishña, and Pumagarza, to enhance the comfort of our guests. The refurbishment has resulted in more spacious rooms, modern bathrooms, and an outdoor area with a large balcony, hammocks, and a living room that overlooks the forest, providing an opportunity for close contact with nature and observing dozens of birds and primates. Thanks to the confidence shown in our product by all customers, travel agencies, tour operators, and wholesalers, it is possible to count on first-class accommodation.

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we have rebuilt part of the walkways leading to the rooms with recycled plastic wood, which has a lifespan of approximately 25 years of continuous use, avoiding chopping down 200 trees.

The thatch of the new cabins is made out of recycled plastic sheets with an elegant design that matches the environment and lasts for 50 years under extreme humidity and temperature conditions, thus avoiding the cutting of around 15,000  leaves. These technologies allow us to maintain the ancestral Kichwa construction style while cares the environment.

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In our trips, you have the opportunity to explore untouched forests, understand the intrinsic relationships among plants and animals, search for stunning flora and fauna and learn from ancient cultures: the true treasures of the Amazon Rainforest. When you stay with us, you become part of our extended community where we share and teach you about our environment and culture. At Sani Lodge, you are not only choosing an amazing adventure, but also the opportunity to immerse yourself in our Amazon Kichwa lifestyle. Come and join us, support our indigenous community and the Rainforest conservation that you will love to call it home.


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